Jan Seides


Jan Seides (sigh-deez) has been a singer/songwriter as long as she can remember. She’s been playing piano since she was 3 years old, guitar since she was a teenager, and she can’t ever recall not singing. Jan writes and performs original, lyrics-driven, award-winning songs that combine uptown sophistication with down-home truth. They have been presented with style and spirit in prestigious venues in the U.S., the Middle East and Europe. 


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TomParker - Producer, Studio Illusions Recording 

September, 2016 – “I feel so fortunate to have been able to attend Jan Seides house concert Saturday night .  What a dazzling lady who puts on a dazzling performance.  She has a magnificent, powerful voice that expresses so well her heart felt songs.  Her talent at both guitar and piano are rare.  I sense a touch of Joni Mitchell in there. I look forward to seeing her next performance!”


David Barnett, A CORE LIFE Blog 

“Listening to Jan was a trip! She is an incredibly talented woman with a beautiful voice. Her soul soothing voice along with her penetrating blue eyes will grab your heart. She sounds like a folk singer on Broadway, or a blues singer at the Opera…”


D. Ost – Heart of Texas House Concerts 

January 2019 – “Wonderful performer, Jan Siedes provides stories and songs from the heart. If you have a family (and who doesn’t) her songs will amuse and bring a tear to your eye. Versatile and accomplished at both guitar and piano, Jan holds the audience until the last note has faded away into silence.”

M. Stauffer – Stauffer’s Stars House Concerts 

September, 2012 – “Jan’s performance was exceptional and she is a delightful, gracious woman. Her music is heartfelt and touches the soul when it isn’t carefree and just plain fun! My guests were enthralled with her performance and commented on her excellent abilities, both vocal and instrumental. You will have a most positive experience when you have Jan at your home.”