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She says, “Flying is impossible.”
And I sure hope she’s wrong
Cuz we’re on an airplane
Flying to New York City.
I’m writing this in shorthand
So she cannot read the song
About our conversation while
Flying to New York City

She says “Not all that long ago
People walked where they were going
No one thought they’d ever be
Flying to New York City.”
“People didn’t move about
As if they were leaves blowing
In the wind, let alone
Flying to New York City.”

I say, “I guess that makes it some kind of miracle
That we still get on planes
“Yes,” she says, “cuz flying is impossible.
But it’s still possible for us to have faith.”

This song may seem a fantasy
But what can you expect
After all, we’re
Flying to New York City.
And I’m chatting with a stranger
I just met
And it’s all about miracles and faith
And flying to New York City.

©2013 Artsong Music (BMI)