1. Easy Lovin'
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Had enough of hard times.
I can sing the blues in three-part harmony All by myself.
Ready for some good times.
Ready for some EASY LOVIN'
Complicated rhythms.
Convoluted rhymes. Oh, yes...I know that melody All too well.
Need a new arrangement.
Need a little EASY LOVIN'
Hey, Mister Engineer!
Won't you come on over here?
I want to try some brand new licks. Gotta get the timing right.
Gonna try to reach the high notes. Help me out and see if you can't Sweeten up the mix.
For a gentle little soft-shoe
With a smooth and simple beat.
A song of sweet serenity.
With someone else.
Gonna make some good times. Gonna make some EASY LOVIN'

©1992 Artsong Music (BMI)