1. Sweet Relief
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Same old friendly faces,
I thought I’d never see again
Same familiar places
Looking the same as they did then.
Oh sure, there’ve been some changes
Not the least of which was me.
But I see them through the eyes of love
‘Cause it’s where I want to be.

What a sweet relief!
Such a sweet relief!
It’s a sweet relief coming home.

Peggy’s had a baby, Jeffrey has a wife
Kris and David built a brand new house
I'll build a brand new life
I must have been away forever!
How did these toddlers get so tall?
I wish that someone could wave a magic wand
So I never left at all. Chorus

It feels just like a lover
It feels just like a friend
It feels just like a miracle
Brought me home again.

There’s a bunch of brand new buildings
I don’t recognize downtown.
And I got lost in my old neighborhood
‘Cause they tore my old house down.
But in the midst of my confusion
An old friend was passing by
And we stopped and stared...and smiled
It brought tears to both our eyes Chorus.

©2003 Artsong Music (BMI)