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If You Ask My Heart
Got every reason not to fall
Got every right to think I'm right
Searched every facet like a jeweler, for the flaw
Weighed pros and cons in every light.

But if you ask my heart
My heart says take a chance
I may think I'm being smart but the logic falls apart
If you ask my heart.

If you ask my head it says: "Don't be a fool!
Keep those ol' glass slippers on the ground.
The world is rags and pumpkins after nursery school,
And you oughta know. You've been around."

But if you ask my heart--My heart laughs: "Learn to dance!"
And then the music starts and the logic falls apart
If you ask my heart.

Bridge 1
Maybe one gray gloomy winter day I'm gonna say:
"I guess I should have known."
So maybe I should try to stay away, but I don't.

Bridge 2
Maybe one hot angry summer night I'm gonna cry:
"I'm better off alone!"
So maybe I should just tell you goodbye, but I won't.

'Cause the heart has reasons Reason cannot know.
And so said someone wiser than I.
The heart finds the way for the mind to go.
Else why would anybody want to learn to fly?

And if you ask my heart -- It all starts making sense
And it doesn't seem so smart for us to be apart
If you ask my heart.
©2002 Artsong Music (BMI)