1. Chevy Suburban
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Chevy Suburban
Molly made up her mind when she was a baby
What she would do when she grew one day
If you asked her "What's your favorite daydream?"
Her eyes would sparkle and this is what she'd say:
I know some folks wanna be rich and famous
But mansions and fancy clothes are not my way.
Cuz I see no need to keep the neighbors jealous
So if I had a Mercedes, I'd have to give it away.

Cuz I want a Chevy Suburban with power everything
And a house where I can park it in the drive
I want a good man riding shotgun, the backseat
filled with children
Give me a Chevy Suburban, and I’ll know I've arrived.

Momma told her: Find a guy who’s patient
Kind and gentle, faithful night and day.
Molly agrees, with all these qualifications:
But he’s gotta like babies, and Chevrolets...Cho.

Don’t want a Voyager, or an MPV
Don’t want an Aerostar, or a Cherokee.
She wants to fill it up with her family,
And go cruising around all over town like the other moms
she sees.

So Molly said “no” to Joe and his 18-wheeler.
And she turned down Jim, and his limousine.
But sweet, handsome Billy was the Chevy dealer
So Molly said “Yup. I think you're the one for me.”...cho

And she got her....

©2002 Artsong Music (BMI)