1. Old Friends
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Old Friends

Old friends call you on the phone sometimes
Or show up on your doorstep
And say, "Remember when..."
And unpack their adventures
And hang them in the closets of your heart.

Old friends write you letters years too late
But you write back anyway.
They wake you in the night
Calling from the airport
In between flights.

Bridge 1
I used to worry
Everyone was leaving and soon they'd all be gone
But I was wrong 'cause life went on.
And sooner or later they all came home.

Old friends, no one could measure or compare
The treasure of these memories we share
And I will always care for
Old friends.
Bridge 2
I used to worry
Everyone was leaving and soon I'd be alone
But I was wrong 'cause life goes on
And sooner or later we all come home

Old friends, all our paths will cross again
Like multi-colored ribbons enlaced through time and space
And there will always be a place for
Old friends.

©2003 Artsong Music (BMI)