Oh Hear the Wind

We met when I was seventeen
And he was barely older.
His star-struck gaze appealed to me
And the world upon the shoulders of uncertain youth.
So I wrote this song when I was twenty
And he proudly said one day he'd be a man


Oh hear the wind blowin' the stars around
Man and woman, and woman and man
Come let us dance to this celestial sound
We are what we are and we do what we can
Oh hear the wind blowin' the stars around
Oh hear the wind blowin' the stars around

He left when I was twenty-five.
And the boy was almost seven;
The girl had just been given life.
He said, "I'm searching for a heaven far away from you."
So I rewrote the song when I was thirty
And he struts and says he's after all, a man....cho.


And the turnings of our lives are the turnings of the planets
In a thousand galaxies as yet uncharted
Through solar winds and cosmic rains, all the suns will shine again.
So what's the point in being broken hearted
When it's just the wind blowin' the stars around?
Oh hear the wind blowin' the stars around.

He returned when I was thirty-one
And he wrapped his arms around me.
And embraced our daughter and our son and cried.
At last he'd found me and he'd learned the truth.
So we wrote again when we were forty
And he shrugs and smiles and says he's just a man... cho.

©2002 Artsong Music (BMI)