In the chasm
Of our sorrow
Let us not forget
We are all believers
In a truth stronger than death.
Grant us healing
For the suffering
And comfort for the comfortless
Let us choose the light that built the dream
To give us peace.

In our pain and
In our anger
Let us still recall
We are each of us a stranger
But we are kindred all.
As we find ourselves in heroes
So we'll also find our flaws.
Let us find the strength that we will need
To give us peace.

In the anguish
Of our losses
Let us not despair.
While the light of freedom shines
Let us choose our course with care.
Let us leave the wheel of vengeance
Forsake the path of fear,
And let us seek the road to the true victory:
To give us peace.

©2002 Artsong Music (BMI