1. Only Human
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I came out here because the night is clear and cold
I feel like I can see beyond Andromeda
Everything is still, and I should seek
The will of G-d behind it all.

But my toes are frozen
And my nose is swollen
And after all
I am only human

I came out here to tell you I’ve forgiven you
I feel like you can hear me say I’ve finally understood
I’ve grown enough to see it from your point of view
I know you did best you could

But your life was tough
And you hurt too much
And after all
You were only human

I know you once believed you could do anything
And everyone around you believed it too
The stories they tell make me wish I’d known you then
Before winter came for you

But everyone fulfills their perfect destiny
Whether by fate or faith or chance
The snowflakes pirouette into the icy trees
And the stars revolve in their stately dance

And the time keeps passing
And life keeps happening
And after all
We are only human
After all
We’re all only human

©2005 Artsong Music (BMI)