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Shores of your love

Sometimes I feel lost at sea
Darkness swelling over me
Higher and higher
Rising onthe tide of anxiety
And just when I know for sure
It's gonna pull me under
That's when it breaks like a wave on the shores of your love

Sometimes I feel all alone
Perhaps I've never had a home
Moment by moment
Strangeness and danger appear to grow
And just when I'm thinking
My little boat is sinking
It comes to rest in the foam on the shores of your love

Your heart is my harbor
No matter where you are
And no matter how far I roam
Your love is my home

So whenever I venture out
And find myself tossed about
Lightning and thunder
Making me wander desert isles of doubt
I hear your gentle voice
Reminding me that I have a choice
And I turn hard to port and head for the shores of your love.

©2003 Artsong Music (BMI)