1. Simple Life
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Baby, let's go to Golden Acres
Out on the River Road
Maybe we'll find a tiny cottage
Where the pines and the liveoaks grow
Far from the roar of traffic
Far from the bright city lights
We'll have a heaven livin' the simple life.

I've been banging my head on glass ceilings
You've been the corporate drone
Payin' 6-figure debts with 5-figure salaries
And never a dime or time to call our own
Let's cut up this platinum plastic
Cut off the phones and the lights
Pack up the kids and head for the simple life.

Can you say you enjoy all these expensive toys
And the stress and the noise they create
Have you noticed any labor we've been saved
By devices worth less than we paid
Let's have a garage sale
Or give them to Goodwill

And head for the hills of Golden Acres
Make ourselves a home
With just enough space for us and the kids
And plenty of room to roam
Ripe tomatos out in the garden
Yellow roses and blue columbine
We'll make a heaven livin' the simple life.

©2002 Artsong Music (BMI)