1. I Missed Texas
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When I left New York City I thought walls and lights were pretty
And wide-open space, well, that was Central Park
And when I pulled into Austin I thought soon I would be leaving
But a little bit of Texas
Got stuck here in my heart.

That sky so big it scared me
But the people were so friendly
I kept putting off the date that I would depart
Heading for the West horizon
Never realizing
The longer that I stayed
The more leaving would be hard

When I finally hit the road on Highway 10
I said “So long Austin. I won’t be back again.”

But I missed Texas every day and every night
I missed Texas even parts I didn’t like
I missed Texas. It was tearing me apart
Cuz a little bit of Texas was stuck here in my heart

So there I was in LA
And thinking I had it made
But every now and then, my dreams would fall apart
All the shoulders I could cry on
Were in a distant time zone
So I’d cry by myself, for the breaking of my heart.

Now I smile and shake my head
And say “How silly can you get?
“What was I thinking
To be wandering that far?”
And the man who walks beside me
I came home so he could find me
And we’re both firmly wed to the heart of the Lone Star

When I finally hit the road on Highway 10
I said, “Make room Austin! I’m coming back again.”

Yes I missed Texas and I will never more depart
Cuz a little bit of Texas is stuck here in my heart.

©2013 Artsong Music (BMI)