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Every now and then
I dream of you again
From time to time
Why I’ll never know
It was so long ago
You were mine
Like a treasure lost
Like a secret told
A glitter in the dust
A glow among the coals
A shiver of regret
And every now and then
I dream of you again.

Like a hurricane
You struck and changed everything
I thought I knew.
You were my day and night
You filled my earth and sky and I
Believed in you
Passionate and brief
Our tempest of a song
Melody so sweet
Harmony so wrong
Such was our duet
But every now and then
I hum that tune again.

You ran away
You didn’t even say
Good bye
Were you afraid
I used to pray your lie
Would come true
And you would love me too

Yes, I did move on
After you had gone
And I was done grieving
And I found again
A lover and a friend
I could believe in.
But still autumn-colored hair
A pair of moody eyes
A tilted smile
Will make me look twice
At someone I’ve never met
And every now and then
I dream of you

©2003 Artsong Music (BMI)