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Once I thought I knew what life was all about
Once I thought that I could plainly see
Who owed what to whom was how the game was played
And more important, who owed what to me.

Wisdom borne of pain was my philosophy
By G-d! I had the right to sing the blues
But I found out as sure as you are looking to get even
Someone looks to get even with you.

Through the years I clung to my stories
And so my stories also clung to me
With fingers clutched tightly 'round my prison bars
I demanded and then begged to be set free

Always those words were there before me
Always they were whispering in my ear
Why could I not hear????

Forgive your family, forgive your friends
Forgive everyone who ever was or will be here again.
Forgive yourself. Make some amends
You'll find that life will be much better, if you do
Forgive your debtors.

Everyone's a victim and a saint
We're all heroes, cowards, tricksters … and fools
You could go on looking for someone else to blame
Or listen to the voice inside of you.

When it sets these words are there before you
When it softly whispers in your ear
Till you finally hear...

Forgive them one, forgive them all.
Forgive everyone who pushed you or stood by and let you fall
Forgive yourself first of all.
You'll find that life could be much better. Let it go.
Forgive your debtors.

Words & Music by Jan Seides

©2013 Artsong Music (BMI)