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It's 2:38
I'm still awake.
I am thinking of you
Why should it be
At a quarter to three
I am thinking of you.

I've watched some TV
Sex and the City
While thinking of you
I can't even read
The Code of DaVinci
Cuz I'm thinking of you

With a smile on my face that no one can see
I have no need for sleep apparently
You've invaded my thoughts and conquered my dreams.
And all of that's just fine with me.

If you came through my door
At ten after four
You'd find me here thinking of you.
If you spied by moonlight
At five minutes to five
I'd still be here thinking of you.

The minutes tick by
But when I close my eyes
I am thinking of you.
Soon I'll have to get up
But that won't mean I'll stop
Thinking of you.

With a smile I am hoping no one understands
I'll go through my day in Fantasy Land
You're in all of my plans and each thing I do
I'm not really trying, you'd say, and it's true
I don't ever want to be through
Thinking of you.

©2013 Artsong Music (BMI)