1. Femme Fatale
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Where are the Gretas and Marlenas and all the Mae Wests. Where are they?
No one tells the boys "come up and see me sometime". That's all out of style nowadays.
But I still yearn for old-time steamy romance In satin gowns and stockings with seams
and men that wear trenchcoats and fedora hats
I wish they'd bring all that back. Cuz I wanna be....

A femme fatale
I wanna be a vamp
I wanna whistle like Bacall
And have them all
Eating from my hand
They'll put me on a pedestal
Competing for a glance
I wanna be a femme fatale
I wanna be a vamp.

Though I am a liberated woman, sometimes I'd prefer to be a tease
When I see those starlets with eyes come-hither soft. I could pull that off, it seems to me.
And men would hold my coat & bring me jewelry. Open doors and pull me out a seat.
They'd stand by politely until I'd sit
Enjoy my sparkling wit and a little risqué repartee

From a....
femme fatale
I wanna be a vamp
I could be the party doll
That upsets all
Their other plans
I know it isn't fashionable
But it's so elegant!

Dietrich & Davis
They had it made
Mansfield & Monroe
Where'd they all go?

The women we admire now in the movies, are doctors & lawyers and chiefs.
And they don't look up thru their lashes, or pout their lips
They don't swing their hips or sit on anyone's knee
And if they're in another profession, they've all been reformed by act three
They've given up their cigarettes and champagne
I guess we've come a long way, but I miss the days of the

Femme Fatale
I want to be a vamp
I want to give the boys the eye
And call some guy my honey-lamb
I'd have them all in a spell
I'd have them in a trance
If I was a femme fatale, I would be sensational, I want to be a femme fatale
I want to be a vamp.

©2013 Artsong Music (BMI)