1. Dishonesty
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There's a mirror in my bedroom
To show me who I am
But the woman in it, isn't me.
Cuz mirrors just reflect
They show what you’re expecting
So what you get’s not necessarily what you see
Cuz that's the way of

See the lies that I have told
The truths that I've mis-spoken
The answers I have phrased so carefully
Here, an act of less-than-kindness
There, a bit of willful blindness
But then everyone is blind to what they don't wanna to see
Cuz that's the way of

But I have secrets no one knows
I have scars upon my soul
I have dreams are crying out to be free
There is wisdom I must earn
And lessons I must learn
Or else this is the way my whole life will be.

There's a tree outside my window
Sways in every breeze
But it grows tall with graceful dignity
I will make that tree my symbol
Stop going where the wind blows
Stop trying to be what I think someone else thinks I should be
Cuz that's the way of
Yes, that’s the way of

Words & Music by Jan Seides
©2013 Artsong Music (BMI)