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I may have been the first one out of the womb
On the day that we were born
I may have been taller and stronger
But that may be unimportant
And though I was the better hunter
You were the one who got blessed
I may have been Papa’s fair-haired boy
But Mom always liked you best.

I may have sold you my birthright
‘Cause I was a hungry guy
And the smell of your bean stew made me
Crazy enough to pay your price
You totally fooled me with your trick
And I didn’t protest
Papa mighta liked the meat I brought
But Mom always liked you best

I admit I wasn’t around much
And Mom may have thought it a shame
But she always called you her sweet Jacob
And had trouble remembering my name.
It’s Esau, Mom.

So when it came time for Papa to give
My inheritance to me
Mom sent you into his room instead
‘Cause she knew he couldn’t see
She made you feel and smell just like me
And you stole my bequest
And by the time I got there it was too late
‘Cause Mom always liked you best
There goes my future
Mom always liked you best
She said G-d made her do it
But we both know….
Mom always liked you best

©2019 Artsong Music (BMI)