As far back as I remember
I was always Rachel's sister
Sometimes I think that started
Before she was even born
She was lively, she was clever
And everybody loved her
And when the men came looking
It was Rachel they looked for
Not me
I was Rachel's sister.

Jacob saw her fetching water
Asked if she was Laban’s daughter
And she ran home to let us know
To make room for one more.
I fell in love that night at dinner
He never saw for watching her
And when the meal was over
It was Rachel he asked for
Not me
Rachel's sister

This is the story as it's written
But these were the lives we were livin’
Here is the truth, not the one that others told
It’s the one that I know,
I am Rachel's sister.

They say Jacob was a trickster
But my father brought me forward
On Rachel’s wedding day
Draped in veils upon his arm.
So then Jacob worked the harder
And for Rachel, too, he bartered
Still, I thought I'd win him
When each new son was born
To me:
Rachel's sister.

©2019 Artsong Music (BMI)